The Human Affirmation Campaign or HAC for short, is a photography project by James Frommer. It is to show support for the LGBT community (similar to Human Rights and NOH8 campaigns) with simple but dramatic black and white headshot photography. It is meant to proclaim one’s individuality regardless of sexual orientation, race, or personal beliefs and to substantiate that we are all Human. The purpose is to raise awareness and help reiterate that regardless of orientation or race, we are all human and should all have equal rights. It is also to help those afraid or closeted to know that people are proud of their heritage and orientation and are “out”. These individuals who are afraid to know there are millions of people out there just like them who are no longer afraid to show who they are to the world. You would be encouraged to add the photos to your social media outlets and show your own support to the community. All photos will be done completely free of charge.